Nov 2, 2011

aku punya sebab kenapa aku ingin menulis tentang masa silam aku.

i never try to impress the queen with my writing.

or making the birds sing.

or the phones rings.

i never want to make you cry.

or die. or sigh.

i just want to write because i have to write.

i just want to write about the things i knew right.

so sorry if the write is about heart.

or blood.or tart.

because i'm going to write what im going to write.

wether the writing is about ride.

or guide.or kite.

and i'm never give a damn wether.

you like it.or hate it or yell about it.

because i write for what i have to write.

and of cause i'm going to write.

a special book for you to read.

not to greet.or spit.

just read and read.

till the last deed.

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